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The Earth’s Natural Systems have evolved for millions of years as an interconnected process that maintains optimal conditions for life. Fundamental patterns and relationships provide extraordinary results that inform our design process and allow us to weave human development with ecological function. To understand, assess, and engage with these essential processes requires a hands-on approach.

Our San Francisco Bay Area design team is supported by a main office and research facility 32 miles to the north, in southern Sonoma County. This 55-acre ranch is shared with the Buckeye Native Plant Nursery & Bertotti Landscaping. Through these strategic relationships we offer design/grow/build services as a single point of contact with the ability to carry projects from concept to completion.

In collaboration with our partners, staff and interns perform research for living roofs and walls and ongoing exploration of new materials to help our projects sequester carbon, create food, provide genuine habitat, filter air, purify water, and improve building performance. We are constantly improving grow media for living roofs and walls, testing plants for performance, and creating mockups and proof-of-concept as an integrated aspect of the design process.

We value and work with natural systems such as carbon sequestration and improving organic methods for natural pest control in addition to technical solutions such as synthetic grow media and floating recycled plastic habitat islands for water treatment. This approach keeps our team engaged, informed, and effective.

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